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How Can We Help You?

Payment is to be made in advance by purchasing the product or service that you need through our secure shopping cart.  In some rare cases, we can send a money request via Paypal, but we prefer to have the order go through our shopping cart to generate a work order.


Once payment is received, your purchase will be scheduled to be completed and you will receive an email to that effect.


By placing your order on our website, you agree to our terms and that all sales are final.


If you use PayPal Credit (formerly BillMeLater)  – Customer Support can be reached at (204) 666-MARY . If a you are unable to check out using PayPal Credit, we would have no idea what the problem might be, so would not be able to help you.


All orders will be shipped via Canada Post Office. 

Domestic Options : First Class Package, Priority Mail

International : First Class International, Priority International

Multiple Packages

Cannagar Maker Tools are designed and made in Manitoba, Canada

The Home Office (Mary Jane’s Party Supplies) is located Winnipeg, Manitoba 🇨🇦. 

Home Office stocks and ships accessory items such as Accessories that accompany your Cannagar Maker via our main Company Mary Jane’s Party Supplies. This can be Silicone Mats, Cigar Cutters, Skewers, Rods, Rolling Platforms, etc.  

When you place an order for our tools, that order enters a production queue and will be made at the Home facility. 

If an order is produced at the Home Office all items in that order will ship in the same box (depending on order size).

LOST or STOLEN packages

If your package was LOST in the mail (which means the tracking data shows that the package was never delivered, and therefore probably lost), Cannagar Maker’s policy is to re-process and re-ship your order.   For larger orders, this will not be instant re-shipment because many items are Made to Order, and approximate shipping time frame will be the same as the original order.   

If you suspect that your package was STOLEN from your porch after delivery, Cannagar Maker’s policy is to re-process and re-ship your order ONCE.  This is a one-time replacement.   If you live in an area where your packages are repeatedly stolen, it is recommended to use the “Hold for Pickup” option when selecting your shipping during checkout.   Only one order that is stolen will be replaced.   This means that if you have a package stolen and Cannagar Maker replaces it, and then a future order is stolen, that order will not be replaced.   

Incorrect Address

All shipping labels are generated online based on the info provided by the customer during checkout and will ship to the exact address as you have entered it.   Please ensure that you have provided the correct address.   Deliveries made to the incorrect address due to customer error can not be replaced or refunded.   

Deliveries made to the wrong address which prove to be the fault of the Post Office, Cannagar Maker will re-process and re-ship.

Returns will be done via Canada Post 

Most of our 7g tools are Made to Order and require more time to fulfill. Most orders ship within 10-15 Business Days after being received. Fulfillment times may vary.


CUSTOM SHOP orders may take up to 6 weeks, depending on order complexity and volume. Larger or more complex orders may take longer.




PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane. Available in a wide variety of colors.


SILK PLA is a type of PLA with a smooth metallic appearing surface finish.  


HPLA is a composite plastic made with Hemp that contains no dyes, varies in color from light to dark brown.

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