1.5g Cigarillo Cannagar Maker Mold Kit


Now you can delight in the latest cannabis properties to the maximum. With its lightweight and portable design, you can make your Cannagars anywhere you’d like. Don’t bother buying pre-made cannabis cigars when you can make your own, just the way you like it, with a Cannagar Maker

●Creates “Cannagars” (cannabis cigars)

● Easy to use ● Portable design

● Results in a dense, long-lasting cigar mold

● Smokes about 15-20 mins

Kit Includes: 

  • Cannagar Mold ●Base & Funnel ●Removal Tool●Durable Packing Tool ● 4 Reusable Skewers ●Instructions Sheet Shipping: Ships within 3 business days. ● 3 months breakage replacement.

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